Founded in 1973, Sino-German Enterprise Co., LTD has dedicated since its creation, a vast amount of resources to R & D projects on PVC related materials and products. After almost 20 years of persistent growth, in the late 1980s, the Sino-German management team decided to reposition itself through diversification by merging with other companies thus forming a new business group. At this stage, Sino-German became affiliated with the SouthUnion Business Group. With five business divisions, SouthUnion business sectors include PVC, heavy machinery, horticulture, food, and real estate development. In addition to its Hong Kong headquarters, SouthUnion has set up branches around Asia, including Taiwan, China, and Indonesia. Sino-German has since been entrusted with the entrepreneurial pursuit of identifying and opening of new business opportunities for the SouthUnion Business Group.

In 2000, due to the consideration of the great market potential of LEDs and other related products in the near and far future, Sino-German decided to invest its resources into R & D of LED technology, components and products. Beginning with the development and successful introduction of a high-quality T-1¾ (5mm) White LED Lamp, Sino-German carried on development work in various other types of white LED products (e.g.,T-1, Flat lens, SMD, Base Lamps, etc.). In July 2001, the prototype of the SG-PLUW series was developed at the laboratory and soon after manufactured at our plant. This series was adopted by many manufactures of solar garden light and lantern related products. Meanwhile, our R & D department also devoted time in the development of the SG-UBUW series, with a performance focused on the feedback from customers such as flash light manufacturers which demanded higher luminosity at the center of LED's light impact zone. In December 2001, Sino-German formally released the SG-UBUW series in the market and got immediate applause and acceptance from various large scale customers. 

Sino-German's development efforts, in LED brightness, color consistency and light impact are on-going and continuous and thus our white products are currently among the best in the world.

For the future, Sino-German wants to position itself as the leading design house and manufacturer of solid-state related lighting products with the highest quality and performance. Sino-German will focus on three projects; First of all, working with the leading semiconductor manufacturer in Taiwan, we will devote our efforts into the development of the technology for White die epitaxy. Second, cooperating with Taiwan's Institute of Industrial Research, a semi-official research center sponsored by the Taiwanese government, Sino-German will develop white LED lamps with higher color rendering derived from RGB combination. Finally, based on a working project with a leading LED packaging factory in Taiwan, Sino-German will also allocate resources for the development of technology of top type white LED packaging.

Our major customers include several flashlight, architectural lighting, and  solar lighting manufacturers in Taiwan and China, Australia, the US and Europe. Our customer base keeps increasing as more and more people find out about the outstanding quality and performance of our parts since........"the prove is in the product"



>Why choose Sino-German?

Sino-German combines the innovative thinking of today's digital visionaries with the solid business intuition that only comes from years of experience. We can deliver solutions on a regional scale yet we have an in-depth understanding of the subtleties of each market in which we operate.

Sino-German is:

Almost 20 years of business and technology experience, 10 years of which are in the LED-related areas across Asia.

Our executive team has an average of 10 years of business experience, yet the average age of the entire Sino-German team is 32.

We have the flexibility and responsiveness of a young company and the depth of skills and capabilities of a large professional services company.

Our approach is based on a culture that encourages the creativity of out-of-the-box thinking and the disciplines of strategic planning and methodical execution.