Brite-LED Optoelectronics Inc., based in the USA and its Taiwan based sister company POWERLED Electronic Company LTD are both part of Sinogerman Enterprise Company LTD.

All three companies are made up of a truly unique team of experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated individuals who are involved in the LED manufacturing industry and the emerging solid state lighting market.  We are genuinely interested in supplying you the best and brightest HB LED products, service and value.

Brite-LED Optoelectronics' mission is to provide excellent and timely technical service, support and expertise, as well as general sales and customer service to the Americas and European market regions.

We can test the parts that you now use, review your application, and/or evaluate your requirements or specifications and then recommend the best solution for your needs (package type, die, or technology). We can help you understand the confusing terminology of this non-standardized field. We know all of the suppliers and players in the HB LED industry (die and packaging), what they make, what is currently achievable and what options are available. If we can't make it, we'll tell you who can.

Sinogerman Enterprise Company LTD is dedicated to the research and development of new products, methods and technologies for the manufacturing of HB LEDs as well as our ongoing goal of continuously improving our existing product line. The Sinogerman R&D team not only continuously researches and tests new materials, but also develops its own manufacturing techniques and stays well informed and familiar with all the techniques, materials, advances and standards used in the HB LED industry. Such knowledge, dedication and teamwork have allowed our companies to produce and supply consistently in large production quantities packaged HB LEDs products with output performance levels (in brightness, color consistency, long-term reliability, and light impact characteristics) among the best currently available in our industry.

POWERLED Electronics Company LTD is our manufacturing facility. It is located in Taipei, Taiwan. There is over US$10 Million in specialized LED manufacturing and test equipment in our facilities. The current production capacity is 500,000 high quality standard LED lamps per day. New additional equipment is currently being installed to add more capacity and an expanded selection of packaging types and capabilities. 

Please take a short picture TOUR of some parts of our T�V-ISO-9001 quality certified FACTORY. 




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